Dulleslimo.com was an online reservations system for limousines companies that operated between 2001 and 2005.

Additionally, Dulleslimo.com operated a luxury car airport service and a limousine company.

The whole of the system was designed, programmed, owned and operated by Del Rosales, and ended public business operation in October, 2005.

@ Email Scams / Spam

In the course of the years since this domain was registered, unscrupulous individuals have, in several occasions, use this domain's name and reputation to send unsolicited emails to their victims.

As a matter of principle we DO NOT engage, nor ever HAD, in the practice of sending unsolicited emails to anyone, EVER. Furthermore, emails originating from @dulleslimo.com use web standards that identify our servers, and are digitally signed; our public key is available thru our DNS servers for authentication.


Enquiries about Dulleslimo.com or the statement above can be addressed to the Webmaster.

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